WordPress SEO Made Simple - A Step-by-Step Guide

Around 37% of all websites use WordPress as their backend. But how can you manage to design your WordPress website in such a way that it is ranked higher by Google? With the right WordPress SEO, you can do it!

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Whether for websites, blogs, or for magazines with specialist articles: WordPress is popular and used in a variety of ways. WordPress content, i.e. the content that is published via WordPress, is not automatically found in good places in the search engine results. After all, the competition never sleeps and is also trying to get a better position. This is where WordPress SEO comes into play. WordPress SEO means the targeted search engine optimization of content that is written and published on WordPress.

Below you will learn more about all of the essential parts of WordPress SEO that play a role. Put your content in the limelight, improve your ranking in the search engines and get more attention from your potential customers. Our experts at Rohindua.com will be happy to support you with all measures that are important for search engine optimization. Of course, professional WordPress SEO should not be missing if you work with WordPress and are not completely satisfied with the placement of your individual pages.

WordPress SEO and the use of WordPress

There is probably no other program that is better known and more popular than WordPress for creating websites. Because WordPress is relatively easy to use if the basic terms are clear only once. Web pages are easy to design when using WordPress. This also applies to individual contributions, which can even be created and published together with images and appropriate formatting.

Ideally, the program is used for blogs, company magazines, and rather simple websites. Shops in which items are purchased directly can be created through programs such as Shopify. There are by Shopify SEO also appropriate measures for optimum placement in the results of search engines.


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Increase website visibility through WordPress SEO

Every website should contain measures that contribute to an improvement in the ranking in the search engines. Without such measures, competitive posts will always appear first when potential customers enter a search term. It therefore always makes sense to improve the visibility of the entire website through professional search engine optimization.

The advantage of WordPress SEO is that every single article can be optimized and adjusted so that the best possible conditions for a good ranking in the search engine are in place. The optimization of the content belongs to the generic term of content marketing which is an indispensable part of modern marketing.

After all, an optimization of the content, i.e. the content, can lead to a major change in terms of visibility. And that gives you an advantage over your competition. Or at least the competition can’t just leave you behind.

Opportunities for search engine optimization with WordPress

Just like with classic search engine optimization outside of WordPress, there are various options for search engine optimization. There are several options here that work well and that will make your job easier. We are mainly talking about various tools that can be used to optimize the content.

Search engine optimization with WordPress depends on the optimal presentation of texts, images, and details such as the headings. Working with one of the tools that are available works particularly well. However, this is not enough on its own, so we recommend more comprehensive measures to optimize the entire website.

Several reasons justify the effort of WordPress SEO. As soon as you use WordPress to create your website, blog, or magazine, you shouldn’t do without search engine optimization. Without this search engine optimization, your content will simply go under or, due to the existing competition, will not come into its own as it would be optimal here. This can be a problem if there is nothing you are doing to improve your position. WordPress SEO should therefore belong to every WordPress page so that you can really be successful and not only appear in the search results after 20, 30, or 50 pages. This can happen quickly with topics in which many competitors are represented

The following reasons speak for WordPress SEO:

  • The program assists with search engine optimization through certain tools
  • The visibility is often greatly increased by simple measures
  • A better ranking can be achieved for each individual page
  • Keeping up with the competition is much easier
  • Relevant search terms are specifically determined so that you can be found more easily
  • Increased attention to the respective content of the websites with appropriate design

Please also note that WordPress itself suggests various tools and plugins for WordPress SEO that you can use to optimize the content. This may not result in a professional result, but you can definitely improve your ranking. Or get a placement in the search engine at all, which is ultimately not guaranteed without measures. Together with our experts, you can then use the plugins and various measures to achieve a significantly improved result in terms of your position in the search results.

Use plugins for optimization

With WordPress, you can choose from various plugins for WordPress SEO optimization. These are usually available free of charge and are easy to install so that you can use the plugin as quickly as possible.

As soon as you have decided on a plugin, use it by scrolling down to the optimization area next to a text. You can also enter keywords there, which will then be used by the programs to check how often a term is used in the text. The plugins also indicate whether the keyword has been incorporated in sufficient numbers or whether there is a little more need for further adjustment.

You can check the following things in the plugins of WordPress:

  • Legibility of the text
  • Keyword density
  • Length of all parts of the text
  • The use of headings and sufficient paragraphs
  • Link setting
  • Setting the title and the meta description

The above list represents some important components of search engine optimization. This applies not only to WordPress but also to all texts and programs that are optimized for a search engine. The right conditions for a very good ranking are only given if all components of the texts are optimized. You can of course click on the individual sections of the plugins and learn in which areas you should improve for optimization.

As soon as you have met the conditions of the systems, the area will either turn green or you will be notified that all action has been taken. Now we want to take a closer look at the individual areas that need to be optimized in WordPress SEO to get more clarity.

The readability of the texts - basic points for WordPress SEO

When it comes to search engine algorithms, it is important to note that certain criteria must be met for really convincing results. A very good example of this is the legibility of the texts, which must be correct so that the page is not graded.

Otherwise, you can think of the result as a kind of punishment that is carried out. You will only be able to achieve a good ranking here if all the desired conditions are met. When it comes to the legibility of the texts, several points must be observed directly in the course of WordPress SEO that must be met.

Sentences shouldn’t be too long and for the most part, contain less than 20 words. If a lot of long sentences are built into a text, the legibility is correspondingly worse. A search engine like Google can determine this without any problems thanks to the algorithms used.

When doing your WordPress SEO optimization, make sure to use sentences that are not too long to achieve a better ranking. In addition, sentences in the active voice and not too many sentences in the passive voice are part of a good readability.

Here, too, there are certain percentage specifications for the tools that must be adhered to achieve good results. In addition, a variety of sentences, or rather the beginnings of sentences are important to achieve greater legibility. Variety, the use of more active instead of passive, and the use of matching connective words to achieve a good reading flow play a correspondingly large role here for WordPress SEO.

Last but not least, it should not be forgotten that texts are not written for search engines for the desired success. But for people. So if you just make sure that the search engine’s conditions are met and the algorithms are followed, then it doesn’t have to be successful. After all, it could still be the case that your content is uninteresting or the text is difficult to read. No matter what the tools and programs used say. This is where professionals can often help, who know exactly what needs to be considered when creating the text if these texts should actually lead to a good ranking.

Achieve an optimal keyword density in WordPress SEO

Let’s get to the keyword density. For this to be achieved, it is, first of all, a matter of naming a keyword that fits the page and the text. Take the time to figure out this keyword so that it ends up being a relevant one.

Ideally, this keyword has not yet been used in any text but is now appearing for the first time. After all, you don’t want to suddenly compete with yourself and your content. That would be the case if you tried to get a better ranking multiple times with the exact same keyword. It is therefore important that you need a unique keyword for your text, which should be chosen well.

In the context of WordPress SEO, it is now important that you use the keyword frequently enough in the text. The desired number of mentions depends entirely on the length of the text so that no general statement is possible here.

It should also be noted that you should use your most important keyword in both the main heading and the introduction.

This also draws attention to this keyword and the ranking can be improved. Ideally, WordPress Search Engine Optimization would work so well that when you type the keyword into the search engine, you appear quite high in the results. For this, it is not only important that you optimize your text, but also that search terms are chosen appropriately.

WordPress SEO: Pay attention to the length of the text and paragraphs

A clear text should always be divided into several paragraphs in the context of WordPress search engine optimization. Make sure that your paragraphs are not too long if possible and that subheadings are used regularly. Otherwise, the flow of reading will be disturbed, which is not necessarily good or even recommendable.

Ideally, a paragraph should always be inserted after 150 words, even after 100 to 120 words. Neither too long nor too short paragraphs are ideal here as there should be a good balance here. This will give you the best results in terms of readability. At the latest every 300 words, i.e. after about 2 to a maximum of 3 paragraphs, it makes sense to include a subheading.

In this way you have already created a good basis in the context of WordPress SEO, to work and to give the text a pleasant basic structure. Of course, this only applies to longer articles, not to product descriptions or sales pages.

We are being asked more and more frequently about the optimal text length that a text should have. Or even after a minimum length that must be adhered to so that the result is right in the end. Real articles should not be shorter than 500 words if possible so that a certain added value is offered here.

A length of at least 800 to 1,000 words is often considered perfect, but of course, it cannot be extended to all areas or topics that are available. It may very well be that a length of 2,000 or even more words in the respective topic is better suited to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The best way to determine the optimal number of words and the length of the text is to analyze the content of the competition.

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Rohin Dua

CEO And CO-Founder


Rohin Dua

WordPress SEO: Use headings in a targeted manner

In addition to legibility and the basic structure of the texts, the headings are undoubtedly also important. Work with subheadings and a meaningful main heading. The headings shouldn’t be meaningless, as they should ultimately arouse the interest of the reader. Therefore, pay attention to suitable headings that are interesting and meaningful. Last but not least, there are also structures in the headings that also play a major role in a better ranking.

This means that you have a main heading, under which further headings are arranged. The main heading must be named with the abbreviation H1, a subheading is correspondingly an H2. But if you want to keep a further subdivision for a paragraph that already has an H2 heading, then you should choose an H3 heading. In the context of WordPress SEO, depending on the text length and structure, H4 or even H5 headings can also play a role. Pay attention to a logical structure and a good structure, which can also make orientation in the text much easier for the reader.

The appropriate formatting of the individual headings is easily solved with WordPress by simply clicking on them – just like it is the case with Word.

By setting links, you also increase the relevance of your texts and can ensure better positioning in the search engines. There is the possibility of internal as well as external links that you can and should use. With internal links, you link appropriate content from your own website.

Other articles or explanations of terms that play a role in your text are very suitable. External links, on the other hand, are links that lead to other websites. Of course, the goal is for readers to stay longer on your website and be able to absorb the content in such a way that, in the best case, even purchase or another inquiry may be the result.

Nevertheless, external links increase trust in the content of the website, which should not be underestimated. In the context of WordPress SEO, ideally, choose neither dubious sites nor direct competing sites for external links, but rather sites that promote trust. This can include newspapers, for example,

When setting links, WordPress SEO also means that you shouldn’t overdo it. Too much in individual measures almost always leads to a penalty on Google and other search engines, which you can avoid. It, therefore, makes no sense in a text that is perhaps 1,000 words long to include 10 or more links in it.

That quickly looks like an abundance and then no longer has a positive effect on the respective ranking. Quite the opposite to be more precise. Pay attention to the targeted use of perhaps 2 or 3 links with such a length of the text to achieve particularly good results. The important thing here is that you do not only take these measures on one page but apply to all pages and every text.

Final details: The title and meta description as part of WordPress SEO

Usually, the English terms title tag and meta title are more common here. Either way, these two very short and concise text components are everything, but certainly not unimportant. The title represents the title of a page and this title is displayed both in the search results in the search engine and at the top of the website. A briefly summarized title attracts attention and, together with the metadata description, also called meta title, ensures that the page is clicked in the best case.

When describing the metadata, a short description also arouses the reader’s interest. Unlike the title, this description is only visible in the search engine results. Both variants are good and simple ways to increase the interest in your page and your text a little. In the WordPress SEO Tools, you have the option of entering the short texts directly. You will then be shown whether the number of characters is correct or whether you should shorten it or lengthen it a little. This is important for an optimal result, so in the best case, you should stick to the respective number of characters.

A good text, which is recorded accordingly in the search engine algorithm, does not only include the pure text or suitable search terms. Rather, it is important to also use visual content here, which ensures better placement in the search engines.

Images may not be necessary, but they always work well and can help the page appear higher in search results. Using images and videos is very easy to implement with WordPress and helps to improve the status of the page.

Above all, the article or page should have a cover picture, as this can improve the position in the ranking without question.

If possible, you should use both images and videos for WordPress SEO optimization of your page content. A suitable cover picture is actually a basic requirement for WordPress.

Further pictures or videos can be included, but this is not an obligation to be fulfilled.

The procedure for product descriptions and short texts

The previous description of the most important points to be considered in WordPress SEO mainly relates to longer articles. This can be a page introducing your company or your services, just like a blog post. Because articles and blog posts underpin your expert status in your topic and represent an excellent opportunity to significantly improve the existing ranking.

This allows you to publish new content regularly, which repeatedly stimulates interest and ensures additional visitors to your site.

It, therefore, makes sense in many cases in the context of WordPress SEO to include articles or a magazine even on a professional and rather simple website of a company. In the best-case scenario, this will bring more visitors to your website who were addressed by the content of the articles.

The more content there is that is visible in good rankings on Google, the greater the chance that you can target potential customers in a targeted manner.

Of course, there are not only articles or blog posts here that you can use on a website if you want to address your customers. Some pages will be shorter in terms of content from the start because there is simply not that much to say here. For such texts, it can be more difficult with the SEO tools available at WordPress to optimize them as desired.

Here, professional help from our experts can be particularly worthwhile, so that you do not waste any potential with shorter texts. Product descriptions for individual products are rather less common at WordPress. The reason for this is that a normal online shop and less a classic WordPress template is used to present individual products.

Would you like more information and support on how to optimally set up and set up your website? Feel free to contact our experts at Suchhelden, we will put together a suitable offer for you with all the options you can use. After all, there are differences here depending on the product offered and the service that must always be taken into account.


Use tools or professional WordPress SEO help?

Of course, at first, it seems as if search engine optimization with WordPress is possible with the appropriate tools alone. But there are a few things to keep in mind when using these tools.

It is not that easy for beginners, for example, when search terms can still be found that may not be clearly defined. After all, there is a lot of work behind the determination of a search term and comprehensive analysis of the existing search terms and the search queries.

So it’s not necessarily about just writing and then adding supposedly suitable search terms. This can lead to the text being optimized in the wrong direction. Usually with the result that the desired goal cannot be achieved, because the respective target group was not addressed to a sufficient extent. This should be prevented – this is exactly the reason why the tools are very helpful in WordPress SEO but are not the only solution.

If you want to get the most out of what is available, it is better to seek professional help. We at Rohindua

are happy to support you if you want to use WordPress SEO professionally. Of course, this also includes details such as keyword research as well as looking at the competition to achieve an optimal result Even with tools, it is very clear that you first need a certain basic understanding of search engine optimization with all the tips and tricks to achieve the best results here.

For example, if you optimize your text for the wrong keyword as described above, you will not be able to achieve good results. WordPress SEO is therefore perhaps easier than working without any aids or tools. But here the basic understanding of search engine optimization must already be present to be able to really convince concerning the results.

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Rohin Dua

CEO And CO-Founder


Rohin Dua